Songs and photos won't work

Whenever I hook up my Sansa Fuze to a computer, I can go into My Computer and open up my MP3 player’s folder, and the music shows up there. But when I unplug it, if I try to open up any music, it says there are no songs. The radio works fine, if that means anything.

I put the songs on it through Windows Media Player 11 (I don’t know if the version means anything, but it’s up to date), and this works with my brother’s MP3 player.

I put the photos on with Sansa media converter, and everything worked for a few minutes, but now nothing works.

First, I’d  suggest reinstalling the firmware, using the manual instructions in the firmware sticky near the top of the first forum page. Don’t use the installer, just get the All Regions link.

I can’t help you with photos–I personally am invisible to all camera lenses and mirrors–but if reinstalled firmware doesn’t find the songs there are a few possibilities:

1 ) The songs are in there but the Fuze can’t read the tags. Go to Settings/Info and see if it shows a number of songs, or zero. If so, you’ll have to re-tag them. Search the forum for mp3tag and ISO-8859-1. 

2 )  The songs are in a format the Fuze doesn’t like. It will not play .wma lossless, only regular .wma. (And .mp3, .flac and .ogg. But not m4a, m4p or .aac from Apple.)  You need to see what the file extension of the songs is. Windows by default hides file extensions of known file types–go into Windows and change that. (Search Help for File Extensions.)

Unlike photos, which do have to be formatted for the Fuze screen, you don’t have to send the songs “through” anything. If you go to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode and change it to MSC, the Fuze works like a basic flash drive. Find the songs on your computer and just drag them onto the Fuze–into a Music folder or in a folder you make yourself. You could try that method and see if they play, which would mean Windows Media Player has been doing one of its mysterious things.

If for some reason the MSC songs play, then go back to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode and change it to MTP. Find the songs on the player–Windows Media Player probably sent them over in MTP mode–and take them off, and put them back with MSC.