fuze uploading problems

it’s my first mp3 player, so i dont know anything 

i want to upload the songs that are already on my computer without having to buying them again

everytime i try with window’s media player, they dont show up in the mp3

why do they show up in my computer but not on the mp3 when i disconnect it? 

You’re not really giving us much information.

Assuming your songs are of the mp3 format, you should be able to just copy and paste them onto your Fuze.  (You don’t even need to use WMP to transfer them, plug in your fuze, open my computer.  Click on the Fuze icon, go in the music folder and paste your songs there).

If it doesn’t read them then there’s a chance that your songs aren’t MP3s, maybe some other type that the Fuze can’t play.  Check if they’re MP3s.

i opened my computer but there is no fuze icon

i think it is because my USB isnt a hi-speed USB

i will try it on another computer

thank for you help  

Do you have Windows Media Player 11 installed?  If not, then download it from here: LINK

If you just want to drag music to your player, then go to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode/MSC.  Plug in the Fuze and it should show up as SANSA FUZE (#).  Double click on SANSA FUZE and drag your music into the MUSIC folder.

Go Sansa!

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