can't upload mp3s on sansa fuze


i just got a brand new sansa fuze 2gb player.

When I connect it to my computer using the usb cable, the player icon does not show up on my computer, so therefore I can’t drag and drop mp3s into my player.

anyone know how I can find it on my computer? the computer definetly recognizes it but no link or icon shows up for the player.

I’m using Windows XP.

Its in Auto Detect mode… Go to My computer and make sure it doesnt show up… It may be there but with no Icon… If it is not under my computer, unplug the device anf go to settings then to system settings, then go to USB Mode, And Choose MSC mode. It should show up

when I go to my computer, its not there at all. 

please excuse my ignorance, but where do I find this “settings” folder? I tried looking in Control Panel and it isnt there… 

Its fine to not know, Unplug the fuze, Go to settings with the scroll wheel, go down to system settings, USB Mode, MSC