songs wont show on the pc

hello i have 2gb fuze mp4 player and when i plug it to the computer it all works fine only the music file is EMPTY! i can listen to music but i want to transform the songs to my almost new computer (its not really new but i just deleted everything and got xp instead of vista) ok… HELP!!!

How did you transfer songs to the Fuze originally? Did you drag and drop them, or use something like Windows Media Player, Rhapsody, Media Monkey, etc.?

Songs on the player that don’t show up on the pc screen when connected were transferred in the other USB mode. Songs transferred to the player in MTP mode don’t show on the player when connected in MSC mode and visa versa. The initial songs on the player were transfered in MTP mode. Auto detect could connect in MSC or MTP mode, so it should be avoided(that is the default setting). Choose MSC or MTP mode and stick with it. MSC mode causes the least amount of problems(some PCs might not even connect to the player in MTP mode until steps are taken to fix this issue), however MSC mode doesn’t support protected music, so if you use protected music or protected audiobooks, you will need to use MTP. Some people choose to format the player using the player’s menu to delete everything on the player, then they load the player again after choosing MSC or MTP as the USB mode.

This worked for me.

• Turn off the device
• Switch to Hold/Lock position
• Press-and-hold the Left << button while connecting the device to the PC

XP comes with Windows Media Player 9. The Fuze needs WMP 10 or 11 if you transferred the music via MTP mode.

Go to and update Windows Media Player (or open the player and click Update) and then connect.