Music and videos not showing up on computer

I plug in my SansaFuze, wait a second, then go to My Computer, SansaFuze, Music, and there is nothing there. The only media that I can see is a video I put on my fuze about a week ago. What would cause nothing to show up like this? I have about 100 songs on it and about 6 videos. Why dont they show up on my computer?


I have tried using all 3 USB modes. The Fuze doesnt show up on My Computer when its on AutoDetect and MTP. When its on MSC, it does, but I still cant see my files

Message Edited by LeroyJenkins on 03-23-2010 07:18 PM

Your computer can only see one mode, MSC or MTP, at a time. If you transferred via MTP, you won’t see those files in MSC mode. Meanwhile, the Fuze itself seems everything.

The Fuze needs Windows Media Player 10 or 11 to work in MTP mode. If it’s not on your computer, it won’t be detected in that mode.

Auto Detect is supposed to go to MTP if you have WMP 10 or 11, MSC (a generic USB connection) if not. But it’s not always reliable. 

Thank you very much. I switched the mode and suddenly nothing was there but Windows showed it was full.

Changing the USB-Mode in “Systemsettings” “USB-Mode” back again helped =)