Fuze not showing some files

My Sansa Fuze when plugged into my computer, in it shows files (Music, all the things) but it’s not showing some of my music, some of it’s missing, but yet when I turn it on and look at my library on the Actual Device it’s showing the music is there… Is there a reason it’s hiding on my computer?


If you connect to the computer in MSC mode, you will only be able to see the music you added in MSC mode, in MTP mode you can only see the music added in MTP mode. If you connect in each mode in turn, (change on the fuze in Settings>System Settings>USBMode), all your music should be visible. I never use MTP mode myself, but there are loads of other posts on the subject if you need any more info.

Well we are close to a solution except for the fact that when I plug it in on any different mode than it is now, it doesn’t show up on my computer… So I don’t know how I’ll fix this problem. 

Message Edited by Wolfy9247 on 06-13-2009 12:19 PM