Folder problem

I go into the harddrive and ■■■■ and go to music i open a folder and the music isnt there but on the fuze it is and works fine??? help plz

(also its easier to message me i have a view its my bro with the fuze)

  • Turn on the Fuze
  • Navigate to “Settings” on the menu of the device itself 
  • Next select “System Settings”
  • Next, navigate to “USB Mode” and select “MSC”

Check the USB mode. Files loaded via MTP mode are not visible to a host computer connected in MSC mode, and vice versa (in Internal Memory - the restriction doesn’t apply to the uSD).

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So I just saw that they are all there but the songs i downloaded to his fuze arnt in the folder


There are two USB modes under Settings: MSC and MTP. Your computer can only see one at a time. If you loaded the files in MSC, your computer can only see them if the unit is set to MSC mode. If you loaded the files in MTP, your computer can only see them if the Fuze is set to MTP mode. 

The Fuze sees them all, no matter how they were loaded. Your computer doesn’t.