Entire library not showing in Music folder

After linking my fuze to pc the entire library would show in the music folder.  Now there is only a few of them.  I checked and everything is still on the fuze. Also just realized it is showing just the ones after I did the firmware update.  These are also the only ones that are showing the album art.  Would like to have them all show in the windows folder b/c I would like to edit a few of them, any suggestions.

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Files (songs) placed onto the player in one USB mode (MTP or MSC) are not visible on the computer while the player is connected in the other mode.

Firmware updates often re-set the device back to the default (MTP). If you previously put songs on (before the f/w update) in MSC mode, and the player got switched back to MTP from the update, that would explain why you can’t see those songs now, but when you dis-connect your player, they are in the menus.

The simple answer? Change your USB mode back to MSC (SETTINGS > SYSTEM SETTINGS > USB MODE). Now your former songs will be visible, but the songs you recently put on (after the f/w update) will not be.

The longer answer? Pick a mode that is best for you. Connect your player in the other mode. Delete all the songs. Un-plug the player, wait for the database refresh and switch to your preferred USB mode. Re-connect to your computer and re-load all those same songs again. Now everything will show on your computer (unless the player somehow gets switched again).

Here’s a primer on MTP & MSC mode to help you decide which is best for you.

Oh yeah . . . just to confuse you even more, there’s also an AUTO setting. This defaults to MTP most of the time. I’d advise choosing one or the other and not depend on the AUTO setting. :wink:

Thanks for the response.  If there is one thing I can say about the whole Fuze situation that I have had as positive, it would be how helpful the forum responders and answers are.

Your answer makes sense considering the calls and steps that were taken to get the player to actually work “properly”.


Glad to be able to help. These things are sweet when you know how they work and get them all set up the way you want, but can be a PITA until you get there. :wink: