Windows and Player aren't the same

I’m trying to manage the music on my player and I’m having an issue.

When I explore the player through Windows it shows me various folders and music. However when I look at the same information on my player it shows things that the windows player does not.

Two examples: I recently added a playlist to the player using Media player. I can find it on the player, but when I explore it with Windows and go to the Playlist folder, there isn’t anything there.

I originally had some music on my computer from a long time ago. When I hit Sync it put those songs on the player. I don’t want  them on the player and I explored the player and deleted the songs using windows. However I can still see those songs on the player.

Is this normal? Anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

The player displays information it reads in the ID3 tags, electronic labels–Album, Artist, etc.–that are within the files. At the very end of Music, scrolling to a second page, you will see Folders if you prefer to navigate that way.

From the ID3 tags the Fuze constructs a database to list by Song, Album, Artist, etc.

Sometimes information from that database gets stuck in the Fuze–which may be what’s happening with your songs. Can you actually play the songs? Or are they just listed?

With the Fuze in MSC mode–Settings/System Settings/USB Mode–you can delete the database, which is MTABLE.SYS. And when you disconnect, the Fuze will rebuild it, presumably with correct information. 

While you’re in MSC mode, search for .pla files, your playlists.  I don’t know if you’ll find them, but you might. 

The two USB modes can be perplexing. While the Fuze sees everything inside itself, your computer can only see one mode at a time–so files transferred via MTP, which is what you were doing with Windows Media Player, are invisible in MSC mode.

If you were using Auto Detect or MTP mode as the USB mode, switch back to what you were using before, so all your files get  transferred in one mode. You can use either mode at any time, but if you’re not consistent it could drive you nuts when you want to see the files in your computer.