Computer can't distinguish between different Fuze players...loads the same songs onto all of them

I have three Fuze players…two 4GB and one 8GB.  I am using WMP to handle the syncing and it has separate listings for each player shown, but even though I name them all different in WMP, the computer still thinks they are all the same player and proceeds to sync the wrong song list to them.  I can’t discern how it decides which player it thinks is connected because when I reconnect a player I had named in WMP, all of them revert to a standard name “Sansa Fuze xGB”.

All I can think of so far is that one of the 4GB players is running the original firmware version, the other two the 1.01.XX version.  Any other thoughts or ideas?  Thanks in advance.

No one has replied, so I’m going to wander in here, but you may want to wait a day or so for a WMP user to weigh in. 

I don’t use WMP, so this is speculation, but…

Go to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode and see what mode the Fuzes are in.

If they are in MSC–generic USB mode–it might be better to switch to MTP, the mode that was made to be controlled by WMP.Maybe that will give you a different identity for each Fuze.

However,  if you have already transferred a bunch of music via MSC mode, MTP won’t see it. Each mode only sees its own files–even though the Fuze itself will show everything. For your sanity, you’d be better advised to start over and transfer everything in one mode. 

Meanwhile, as I understand Sync, what that means to Windows Media Player is to match the WMP Library to what’s in the remote device–copying  files or erasing them to match what’s in WMP’s library. I don’t know if you can have separate libraries synched to separate devices. Sync means the library–not the playlists.

One thing to do is go to Full View (under View) and make sure Sync is changed from Auto to Manual, so at least it’s not synching every time you plug in. Then you can send over the playlist you want.

I have a collection of devices managed usign Windows Media Player.

WiMP is a good media manager, but it does have its quirks, like occasional Chernobyling of the music database.  Since WiMP is available on most computers, it’s natural that I tread the waters and work with it.

WiMP will communicate with your Sansa in either MSC or MTP mode, but MTP is designed to see the Sansa as a Media Device.  If you’re using Windows Media Player and MTP, there are two different methods of “synchronizing your music”.  WiMP’s interface shows them both as “sync”. 

I wish the manual method would more clearly display as “transfer” rather than “sync”.

You can drag music files to the “sync list” on the right, then transfer them over by pressing Sync.  The other method is automatic sync, where you set up the device for transfer.  This is available via the drop down menus at the top of the interface.  Look for Set Up Sync.  (The WiMP12 interface is a little more tricky than WiMP11, which had a little bar at the bottom of the Sync button.)

Each device should be recognizable as a unique device by WiMP.  If this is messed up, you can delete the file wmpinfo.sys from the Sansa’s root directory, then Set Up Sync over again on the PC.  Remember, remove those nasty “all” choices like “all TV episodes”, “all video”, “all music”, etc, lest WiMP try and fill your Sansa to the brim.  If WiMP does “max out” your device, fear not!  Simply leave the device connected, run Set Up Sync again, and REMOVE those choices.  Click Sync once again, and WiMP will pick up the pieces automatically.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: