Playlist problems

I’m new on the forum & I’m looking for help.

I just got a fuze 2gb earlier this week & I am getting frustrated.  On the whole, it’s a great mp3 player, but I’m having a problem…disappearing playlists.

I set up a playlist, which seems to work ok.  When I connected it to my pc to add audio books, I checked the playlist folder and my playlists were missing. Anybody know why this would be & how to prevent this happening again. What a pain! :angry:



But are they still on the player when you disconnect from the computer? The files that show up when the Fuze is connected depend on which mode the Fuze was in when they were loaded onto the Fuze. There are two modes for connecting the Fuze to the computer. MSC mode and MTP mode. In Settings>System Settings>USB Mode you will see three options: Auto Detect, MTP, and MSC. If you use auto detect the Fuze will always connect in MTP mode if you’re using Windows, MTP is Microsofts scheme for connecting media players to Windows. On other operating systems auto detect will connect in MSC mode, which is a more open standard that allows the Fuze to be seen as an external hard drive. Anyway, for some reason files loaded in one mode won’t be visible in the other mode while the Fuze is connected to the pc.

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