Invisible Fuze files (MTP/MSC) ...always or only when connected?

OK…please forgive my ignorance but this is my first ever MP3 player and I’m getting confused reading about files in MTP vs MSC.

When music is loaded in MTP and I switch to MSC,  I can still see everything until I connect. Then the Fuze files appear empty on the computer.

Is this correct? Everything I read says when files are loaded in MTP they can’t be seen in MSC and v/v, but nothing I found seemed to clarify whether this was only when connected. I apologise if I missed it.

Just want to be sure I don’t have a defective player. 

Thank you very kindly in advance! 

No worries!  The Fuze will see, and will play, any music file as long as it has a proper ID3 tag.  You have the option of loading in either mode, depending upon your needs.

The problem lies in the realm of Microsoft.  FIles loaded in one mode will not be visible while connected in the opposite mode, when viewing from your computer.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: