I can't play music on my Fuze

I’ve had my Fuze for a few days now and I have a big problem: I can’t play music on it.

I have downloaded albums, everything seems to be working properly: I can select the album I want and everything, but when the time comes to actually PLAY the song, nothing happens. The green arrow is there, but I can’t play the song, it is stuck at 0:00.

Can anyone help me?

I have downloaded the Firmware Updater but I’m not sure I have succeeded in installing it…

I have changed the USB mode.

I don’t know what else I can do…

What’s the format of your songs?  You’re sure they are MP3s or another support file type?

You can check what firmware version your Fuze has by going in the settings.  I forget exactly where it is (and I don’t have my Fuze with me), but it’s somewhere under the information.  Check what version you have and make sure you have the latest.

Thank you for your answer. There are a few developments in my “case”.

I tried to upload files again on my Fuze and I have been able to play these new uploaded songs. However, the sound is really weird, just as if the singer was in the backgroud, very far away…

Moreover, when I plug my Fuze on my computer, I can’t see any of the files I uploaded previously, only the ones I just uploaded today. All the files are visible in my Fuze menu though… I wanted to start fresh, this is why I tried to empty my Fuze, but it seems I did something wrong the first time I did it.

And by the way, I didn’t change the format of the files, these are .wav or mp3 files.

Someone, please advise! Many thanks!

Sounds like the singer is in the background?  Are you sure the headphones are in all the way?

If you can’t see the files when you plug it in the computer it’s because you’re in a different USB mode.  Files will display when you plug it in the USB mode they were put on.  So if you’re now in MTC mode and the files were put on in MSC mode you won’t see them. 

At this point you should just format your player, go in the settings and format it.  This will delete all the music on it.  Then plug it back in and put it on.  Hopefully everything will work.

The “singer in the background” is often caused by improperly seating the headphone plug.  The new Fuze has a rather tight jack, compared against my gaggle of Sansas.  If the ground connection is lost, you will hear the difference between the two channels, a monaural sound.  Seat the plug fully, and you’ll have stereo again.

If you have “missing songs”, the most likely cause is that they were loaded in alternate USB modes, MSC versus MTP.  Files transferred in one mode are not visible while connected in the alternate mode.  Regardless of transfer mode, as long as the files have correct ID3 tags, the Sansa will see them.

Most users find it less confusing to transfer music in one of the two available modes, sticking with the preferred one.  MTP mode is used for WMDRM (Windows Media DRM) transfers with protected media like Rhapsody or Napster.

Your music has to be in one of the supported formats, such as wma or MP3, and it also needs correct ID3 tags.

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Thanks so much for your advices.

I’ve been following all of your recommendations and everything is working properly now. I’ve been able to erase the files I wanted to erase and you were right: I didn’t plug the earplugs properly to the Fuze, that’s why I got this weird sound.

Thanks again!



Woo hoo!!

Time to enjoy some gnarly Fuze action!!

Glad you’re running.

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