Fuze will not play

I loaded mp3’s onto the fuze.  The songs are on the device.  When I try to play, the fuze locks-up and no songs will play.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Give more details. Are you sure they are mp3 files, and not some format the Fuze doesn’t support?

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They are mp3’s.  The same songs play just fine on my c200.

The first thing I would try is formatting the player using the player’s menu, and copying the songs to the player again. After you format the player before copying the music to the player again, I suggest that you set the USB mode in the player’s menu to MSC(unless you use some protected music or audiobooks) if it isn’t MSC already.

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If that doesn’t help, then check the firmware on your player to see if it is a V1 or V2 Fuze, then download the appropriate firmware ending in 26 and install it on the player. Did you try playing a few different songs and not just the same song?

JK98, THANKS.  The reformatting worked.  My 8 year old daughter also thanks you.