Songs and Audio problems..

My songs I’ve put on my Sansa Fuze (4gb) are either sounding: cutting in and out, playing reaaalll slow like in slow mooootttiioooon, or echo. It’s different for each song. The songs I put on it are MP3 files and they work on Windows Media Player. So shouldn’t they work on my Sansa?

Also, recording my voice and listening to it, it sounds fine, so there must be a problem with the actual songs I put on it.

I’m not sure the problem and how to fix it. I just bought my Sansa a few days ago and as soon as I put my songs onto it it didn’t work. 

Anyone have some ideas to help me?  

I have not heard of this happening, so all I can do is ask some general questions.

How long have you had your player? If you have not put much content on it yet, go to Settings and Format the player. That seems to fix a variety of problems.

Is your Computer running Windows? If so what version?

Where are getting your songs?

How are you putting the music on your player?

What is the file extension on your songs when you look at them on you computer?

Hopefully, one of your answers will point us in the right direction.

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I’ve had it for about 4 days. I bought it, and opened it the next night and set it up and put songs onto it.

I’m using Windows Vista.

I get my songs from Limewire and BitTorrent. They are .MP3.

I put music on the Sansa by opening the Sansa Fuze folder found in My Computer when you connect the device, then in the folder > “Music” and then I just drag and drop my song files inside the folder.

Do I need a converter or something? Or what about syncing. I’m new to this… 

I hope that helps you to solve my problem.

Thank you so much.

P.S. I tried reformatting. I put on a song to try it out, and I’m listening to it. It sounds messed up still. Hard to explain how it sounds. I can tell what song it is it jus sounds all “glitchy” and weird. Almost like aliens, lmao ;//

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You should first test your Fuze with a known good MP3 source: rip a few tracks from a CD with Windows Media Player, and manually transfer (or synchronize manually via the “sync list” ) to the Fuze, and have a listen.

If the new MP3 sounds funky, no worries, simply load a new copy of the 1.01.11 firmware to the root directory of your Fuze, and go from there.  Here’s the firmware installationinstructions.

Bob  :wink:

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Problem fixed. Thank you for the help.

let us know what the problem was…