Half my songs don't work, need help!

Hi. I’ve hade my sansa fuze for about a year now and some problems I’ve been able to solve. Such as getting album pictures and such. But now I have a HUGE problem that I cannot solve and it’s making me very frustrated!

Half my songs aren’t working anymore from m to z. I have no idea how this happened. When I play songs past m it loops this one song over them over and over again. The first thing I did was sync them back to my computer, but that didn’t work. When I try and play them the songs are still not working and looping the same song in 2 sec inervals over and over again. Mind you that’s about 600 or so songs since I have about 1300 on there so far.

The next thing I did was delete the song that was being looped. Still nothing happened cause even though it’s gone, it’s still being looped even after being deleted. Then the last thing I did just now, was get the new firmware which was 2.03.33. And that didn’t do anything either.

Can anybody help me out. It took my awhile to get those songs on there.

If you have the songs on your computer, and they play on your computer, delete them off the Fuze and send them over again.

^^ They don’t.

They don’t what? Play on your computer? Then there’s something wrong with the songs, not the Fuze.

They don’t what?