Oh dear..

I Just bought my Sansa Fuze today and when i downloaded around 6 songs they worked fine. So i decided to download the rest of my list and when i tried playing ANY SONG it would either freeze up our not do anything at all. The Fuze wont let me change songs and there is a RED pause sign where before it was orange. ANYONE KNOW WHAT TO DOOOOO? :frowning: i really dont want to return it!

Tap the 12:00 position on the thumb wheel!! If that don’t work do a soft reset… Hold up the on off switch for 15sec to rest it… George

DIDNT WORK ;______;

Where are your files coming from?  If they are ripped (transcribed to mp3 or WMA from CD) via Windows Media Player, it’s important that the Internet connection is live in order for the application to pull proper metadata in the form of ID3v2.3 tags.

If the tags, part of the music files, are messed up, the player will jump forward from song to song without playing them, or it simply won’t list the songs.

If you try and port too many tracks in one session, sometimes there can be a hiccup too.

Give us a wee bit more detail, and we can try to nail this one down.

And you’ll have a happy Sansa.

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 Are the rest of your songs protected? If so, then you need to connect the player in MTP mode and use Windows Media Player or Rhapsody software to transfer them to the player.

Hehehe i got all my songs from LimeWire and umm i just copied and pasted it into the “Music” folder, in which i deleted everything. xD

‘.’ umm i dont think they’re protected. WhenI right click a song and look at properties it says " PROTECTED: NO" xD

EEEeewwww, P2P is not for me, and you just got direct evidence of one of the prime issues plaguing P2P.

Who knows what condition the file is in, or if it’s even properly identified.

Delete the offending files from your Sansa.

Download MP3Tag , an excellent utility to inspect and repair these tags.  As you get the feel for how the tags work, note that the Sansa devices index all of your music files by the ID3 tags.  This allows you to easily navigate by Title, Artist, Album, or Genre, and find your songs.

Set the utility to write the tags as ID3v2.3 ISO 8859-1 from the list, and the Sansa will be happy.

Those files “shared” from Turkmenistan or God knows where could be anything, so I rely on CDs or for a bit of fun, I like the Rhapsody service, as I browse their channels system for constant new stuff! Files downloaded from a reputable source will usually (99.9% of the time) have the requisite ID3 tags, and they’ll be a clean copy, not a skipping copy spun from a Pepsi-stained CD in a college dorm.

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ROFL! im sorry in english please? xD whats P2P? and how can i download MP3Tag? and whats Rhapsody? O.o

whats Devlcon?

DevIcon is one of the “device icon” files on the device, not a music file.  P2P is “peer-to-peer” a filesharing network system like lemonlime or others.  Napster was one in its early days, kazaa, and others.

Another problem with filesharing is that the music may be in Apple AAC or “M4A” formats, not readable by the Sansa.

We need universally accepted MP3 or WMA files.  If you have the latest firmware (the operating program within the Sansa), you can even load FLAC or OGG format files.

Here’s a handy copy of the User Guide in Adobe PDF format.  It has a handy tutorial on how to copy your favorite CDs to the Fuze, to get you started.

Rhapsody is a US based music subscription available in the US, from RealNetworks.

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:angry: When you get music (or anything) from a file-stealing sharing site, you playing Russian Roulette! There are many other (& legal) ways of getting high-quality music w/o spending a fortune.