Song there but does not play & freezes Clip

We very recently purchased two Sansa Clips and have run into the following problem:

After synchronizing, we are unable to play one particular song from a specific album. This song plays fine on WMP 11, also plays without problems on my Creative Zen Vision:M. However, none of the two Sansa Clips play the song. It is there, i.e. ON the Clips. But: When attempting to access it, it shows the title, but the counter for song length remains at 0.00 and both players freeze up completely every time. The rest of the album plays fine as long as we do not try to access the problem song.

We updated the Clips to the latest firmware before sync’ing, we coducted power-downs, and I also re-formatted on of the players. None of this worked, and the problem remains.

I saw that someone else experienced a similar problem and was hoping to find a solution to this somehow. I find this very odd behavior…

Would also like to add that this is not a downloaded album but ripped from CD, then synch’d.

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i have heard of some issues with certain genre’s. what id3 tag info for that song?

also what is the bitrate of that song?

Hi DrLucky,

I assume you mean which file format? (sorry, I am not an expert in this field). It is MP3, and the bit rate is 128 kbps… If I misunderstood, please post again. Thank you for your help!

Ok, I’m replying to my own post here but drlucky’s question made me look into this a bit more and I found that all the songs from the ripped album were in wma format except for some very strange reason the one song that didn’t play. It was in mp3 format with a 128 kbps bitrate.

I do not know how this happened and why this one song was in a different format than all the others. So here is what I did:

I took the original album cd and re-ripped it to my computer. This stored the song in wma format on my computer, just like all the other songs. Then synch’d again with the Clip (after deleting the entire “faulty” album from the Clip). And voila! now it is playing fine.

Thanks to drlucky for nudging me in the right direction… Hope this helps other people who have the same problem.