some songs have ransom letters/numbers before the do i get rid of these?

I have songs that were purchased on itunes and downloaded…some songs have the nromal title and some have a series of numbers and letters before the title name. How can i get rid of these? these are not part of the title when shown on WMP or on the computer file.

anyone else have this problem?

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Message Edited by TomJensen on 05-03-2010 06:47 PM

some songs have ransom letters . . .

Those must be some darn good songs! How much are the song-nappers asking for ransom? Have you called the music cops?

TomJensen wrote:
OK ignore the prev post. Just reread the OP. Prob likely lies in ID3 tagging and/or the “download” process. Try drag&drop in MSC mode. For MP3s w/ problems, try a copy with tags removed.

Hey Tom I know this is off topic here but I just wanted you to know that if you go to the top right corner of your post and click on options there is a drop down with the option to Edit Post. You can use this to change your post or add to it. I have seen a lot of your posts and you do a heck of a job but I have also seen you post back to back like this and thought it might help make your life easier.  

Oh hey gotcha… Thanks for the heads-up, er, eyes-up!