How do I delete numbers that appear before the title of a song?

I have a couple of hundred “titles” that begin with 01, 02, 119 – as part of a song title like “001Imagine”

Any way to eliminate them batch style, or do i really have to delete each one individually in Windows?


You need to change it in the ID3tag of the files.

MP3TAGcan ease the pain.

And then for the future, maybe change the settings of whatever ripping progrmam you’re using, so it doesn’t continue to happen. If these are songs you’re downloading, then you just need to change, or ‘edit’ the tags before adding the file(s) to your player.

Which you should be doing anyway. :wink:

Mp3tag has a nice Convert function, including filenames to Tags.

You use the % to separate how you want it to read and convert the filenames, like %track%%title%%artist%. You’re going to have to look at each album, highlight the tags, figure out the formula that was used to make tags (like 001-Song Title-Artist) and fiddle with the Convert function. (That would be %track%-%title%-%artist% because it uses the hyphens.)  But it has a lot of possibilities already programmed in. Try it. It’s easier to use than to explain.

While you’re at it, in Tools/Options/Tags/Mpeg make sure you’re writing  tags as ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1. The Sansa finds those both satisfying and nutritious. 

Thanks for the tips, I hope to do all the work at once when the updated firmware is released.

Chris in Va.