Some Questions about firmware

Ok, first I just got two 1GB Clip’s & they’re Great!¡!

My 1st question is about the fw, Is it a good Idea to have it up to date(current version is V1.01.11A), for those just in case kind of thing that may spring up?

So far the 2 that I have, have run into any problems.

Not sure if it’s possible, but it would be kinda kool if there was weather radio on this little player, would that be possible thru the fw?

I purchased a dual port USB AC charger, by originalPower, it’s rated at 5V ----500mA out, is this enough to charge the player?

Any recommendations on good AC or DC chargers ? 

Last question, is there anyway to 1 click the recording of the voice recorder or the radio?

Thank’s ahead,

Really Lost:smileyvery-happy:

The latest firmware is .18A (see the sticky thread above).  Has the latest features/fixes, and so tends to be good to have.

hi there, to answer your questions.

For the weather channel…I think it’s in the AM broadcast and this device only supports FM so I guess not.  To do this, a whole hardware change is needed.

For the charger…I think that should be enough to charge the device without any problem

For the firmware…yes it is a good idea to update to the latest firmware because it is more stable

For the recording…No, there is no one button to push for FM record right away but when you listen to FM, you just have to press down and then choose record, it’s like 2 steps so I don’t think it’s a big deal unless you’re too lazy to do it :slight_smile: