Firmware Update

This is Stupid, but is there any way to get the previous version of firmware back on my clip +?  I do a lot of recording off of the FM radio, and the signal degradation when recording FM is a real problem.  I have 3 clip +'s, and even read the known problems, but didn’t figure it would be that big of a problem (There already is signifcant signal degradation when the display is active, but I minimized that by setting the backlight to 5 seconds). It isn’t a problem on strong stations, but naturally, the stations I wish to record from are always the furthest away. Distant Stations are completely obliterated until the display turns off. I should have not updated the one clip+ I reserve for recording. Just wasn’t thinking! (I upload recorded songs to the Windows Media Player, then redownload them as WMA files with the highest resolution available, along with song title, etc replacing the clip+ FM filename). I have noticed that when converted to WMA some of the static or noise is reduced. What is interesting to me is when a distant station is first tuned, there is what sounds to be a very strong clear signal for a few miliseconds, then the signal degrades. I have messed with making headphone extension cords (unshielded wire), and it is amazing how various combinations of patch cords, splitters, AND your own body affect signal strength. There are so many variables that it is a sometimes frustrating persute. Of course, weather conditions also affect signal. I surmise that it all has to do with dipole antenna science, but I don’t have any information on how the clip + uses the headphones as an antenna.

    Also, is there any cure for the dropping of data in the WAV file while recording (causing skips). This appears to happen any time the display is activated, and with deletion of songs on the internal memory. I minimized the skips somewhat by not using the internal memory for anything other than firmware and recorded FM.

    I could always buy another clip+, but would like not to spend more money (I don’t make that much to begin with). Any information or ideas would be welcome.  

Depends on what firmware you want to downgrade.  Sandisk has only released firmwares .09 and .13.  If you want to downgrade to the original .05 you can’t at this time.  Here is the link to .09, just extract the file and drop in the root directory.