Reduced FM reception after 01.01.30?

I just picked up the silver 4Gig clip Sunday and have been using it for a couple of days. Love it so far, but last night I upgraded to 01.01.30 and have noticed that the FM reception has diminished somewhat.  I am noticing more static/interference since this install.  Has anybody experience this on theirs?  Monday it seemed to work fine before the upgrade.  I’m using the ear buds that came with the unit.  Does the quality of the ear buds affect the reception on these?  Thanks in advance.


When you upgrade the firmware the clip goes back to default setting, including the FM mode. Go to setup and make sure the FM mode is correct for your region of the world

Yes I checked that.  It was set to USA before the upgrade and it still is showing USA.

FM reception has nothing to do with the firmware update.  It is function of the FM tuner and the headphones,  and of course the signal strength of the transmitter.

The only thing we could do to affect the reception would be to change the hardware in the player.