Firmware upgrade => FM tuner has disappeared!!!

Hi All,

OK, so I bought a first Clip in France for Christmas but couldn’t connect it to my laptop or my parents’ PC. This was mainly due to not meeting the minimum specs (though my laptop does run XP SP2, so I still don’t understand this one). Anyway, I returned it, came back home in the UK, and decided to buy it again because I thought it really looked good.

Sure enough, the new one works perfectly well on my PC (though still not on my laptop) so I’m here happy and all and I think, let’s do the firmware upgrade, this way I will be able to easily switch between MTP and MSC modes, so I can also use it on my laptop!

For some reason, the Updater doesn’t find my Internet connection so I go back here and download the file from the “official” post. Copy and paste, it works, firmware is upgraded, great! Oh no, wait, the FM tuner is gone!

Can anyone please tell be how to turn my Clip back to factory settings (I have formated and reset it, but nothing happened) so that I can get the radio back?

Many thanks,


OK, it looks like you need to use the Upgrade for America (m300a) if you want to keep your radio, even if you bought your Clip in Europe!

Many thanks to the person who mentionned that as a possibility in one of their posts, it worked!!!

So maybe now, I am finally gonna be glad I bought this player!