Hardware problem

Help!!!  I have been trying to charge the battery since Christmas on this THING.  I finally did a system restore and started over.  I downloaded the firmware updater prior to connecting to the computer (twice).  I then connected, got an icon and message showing new hardware found, then and icon/message saying that a problem occured during hardware instillation and the icon switched to one saying safely remove hardware.  Can anyone tell me what happened?? Should I start thinking about exchanging this THING?  Thanks for any info.

What computer system are you on/what software version? This may help in dignosing the issue.

I am using XP SP2 media player 9.  I am in the process (3hr!) of downloading MP11. The reading I have been doing here makes it sound like the drivers are part of mp11.? But what does that have to do with charging the battery?

It shouldn’t but if you’re having an issue, best to cover the bases–it could be that the lack of WMP11 is preventing a connection. I’m totally guessing here, but have you tried setting the Clip’s USB mode to MSC mode and then trying to connect/charge?

I think it’s best to contact tech support and tell them about your problem with the battery discharge and ask for a new one that does not do it.  I think the battery discharge thing has nothing to do with firmware, it’s the hardware itself.

Media Player 11.  After 3 1/2 hours to download, the clip is charged.  FM radio never sounded better.  Some day I may even venture into the world of dragging and dropping music into the clip.  My sincerest thanks to all who have helped.  It is truly nice to have somewhere to go for answers.  :slight_smile:


I truly dislike DRM files (while I understand the issues)–they add the complexity of needing specialized software (here, WMP 11) and lead to complications as here.

Drag and drop is simple and apparent, needing no specialized software, and gets the job done universally. 

Ok I have a problem too.  When I plug it in to the USB drive it’ll show on the Sansa clip that it is connected to my computer, but it won’t show up on my computer anywhere.  I know it’s supposed to be under My Computer but it’s definitely not. The USB port works fine for everything else.  I thought maybe the Sansa clip was faulty so I exchanged it but this one’s doing the same thing.  I don’t know anything about drivers and all that.  Any suggestions?

Do you have the latest firmware (.18) installed?  If not, install it (it’s available above, with instructions for installation). 

Assuming that you are under Windows, are you in Vista; or XP with SP2 installed?  And do you have Windows Media Player 10 installed?  Those are the minimum requirements, to operate under MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) mode.  If you don’t have the above, install them, to operate under MTP mode.  Otherwise, try to operate under MSC (Mass Storage Capacity) mode, by selecting that under Settings/USB.  But note that to use DRM music (digital rights management protected music, including under Rhapsody), you need to use the MTP mode.

I hope this helps.

Ok I have all that installed.  I’m working in Windows XP.  How do I operate under MTP mode or MSC mode?

If you have it all installed, it should start in MTP mode.  (Note:  the manual discusses WMP 10, but posts here discuss WMP 11; no doubt safest to make sure you have 11 installed.)

If it doesn’t and you have the .18 firmware loaded, you can go to Settings/USB and select MSC mode and try that.  If you don’t have .18 installed, you can try to connect up via MSC mode regardless by switching the Clip’s hold switch on, and then pressing and holding down the center button as you connect the USB cable, already connected to the Clip, to your computer.  That should get you into MSC mode on the computer, and then you should be able to upgrade the firmware–perhaps that will get things to work under either MTP or MSC mode.  If not, then you could transfer your music off the Clip back to your computer, disconnect and, then, reformat on the Clip, and again see if that works.

Never mind I got it.  Thanks alot for your help :slight_smile:

one of the reasons it probably wasn’t charging is b/c without the clip being properly recognized on the computer it is most likely that it will not charge correctly. Sometimes in rare occasions it will charge but most of the time evne though it says connected on the clip it’s not being charged properly if it’s not recognized correctly so by getting wmp11 you were able to get the mtp drivers and the device was recognized and was able to charge.

also note that wmp10 does have the mtp drivers as well. and You can download wmp10 even if you have service pack 1

here is the link to download windows media player