01.02.09 Firmware and battery charge

Updated my 8GB Clip+ to the 01.02.09 FW.  Initially it seemed to make no difference to the erratic battery charge problem.  However, after doing a reset (hold power button at least 15 seconds to reset), the unit appears to be behaving more as I would expect, regarding battery capacity, charging, and state of charge indicator.

Not perfect, but fairly “normally”.

One other thing I did:  Turn down display brightness to lowest setting.  (That’s what caused me to do a system reset, because of the known issue with 01.02.09 FW that causes a lockup if brightness setting screen is allowed to remain displayed thru an auto-display-off cycle.)  Not sure if lowest display brightness setting has anything to do with battery charging etc., but I’m leaving it on lowest setting anyway.


Thanks for the tip!  Interesting.

Thanks loads for your information.  I just received this player as a gift and could not get it to charge.  I followed your input and it works!  Thank you so much, it’s alive, alive, yea!