Newest firmware ;)

seems like i managed to acquire fw with version 1.01.29 :slight_smile:

well actually 1.01.24 at first.

i know it might be not wise posting this here and it’ll probably be deleted but… anyway…

the changes i noticed are the long awaited podcast support and now you can see the battery charge in percentage in system info.

nothing else big… might some bugfixes.

but i sure enjoy the podcast thing. 

PS. since i know this post will attract sandisk people, please add folder view option asap :) 

No Folder navigation.

But - OGG Vorbis is supported. 

And the Shuffle is improved.

And others you will hear about in the release notes shortly. 

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@sansafix wrote:

No Folder navigation.


But - OGG Vorbis is supported. 

Where can I download it?  do we have a link yet?  I can never get that firmware updater program to work and have always dont it manually.

it will get posted on this forum soon.

well uhm… i didn’t ask if folder nav was there already since i read in the other threads that it’s not… i just would like to know if it’s even considered, or is it a hard ‘NO’?

@sansafix wrote:
it will get posted on this forum soon.

Cool.  Looking forward to it.

Oh my God!! Ogg!! I <3 u Sansafix!!! today just keeps on getting better and better! Amazing!!

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No Filefolder is a big disappointment. Although I’m impressed that they fixed the shuffle(it now goes to the previous song when you press previous song, instead of going to another random song). Looks like OGG works too, thanks Sansa for listening to your customers, something all the other companies can’t manage to do.

Edit: Looks like most versions of OGG work, heres the details.


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yup. no folder navigation is a big dissapointment. even a cheap-unknown-chinese player has it. my brother was so mad for this, so he decide to sell his sansa clip.:cry:

i really hope sandisk will solve this embarassment on the not-too-long-wait next firmware.

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I wouldn’t hold my breath for folder view anytime soon (if ever).  My workaround is to create a playlist for each artist and then one for each album.  This is of course in addition to my other playlists.  I also have a main playlist for everything on my clip arranged by artist, then album.  Once it’s done, it’s not difficult to maintain.

I’ve tried around 4 different tag editors (I’m basically trying everything that’s available for linux) and while the tags “look” right, the Clip doesn’t seem to read them right.  I usually end up with something like this:

Example song 1: 

Artist: X&Y (that’s really the album)

Album: Fix You (that’s really the song name)

Song: Unknown (the artist, in this case, is ColdPlay)

Example song 2: 

Artist: U2 (correct)

Album: All I want is You (that’s really the song name)

Song: Unknown

So my options are: 1) Edit each tag individually, based on how the Clip is showing it (and hoping I can ever get the song name to show in the right place), or 2) abandon the tags as a means of sorting music.

Needless to say, I chose the latter. 

hmm… anyone know a tool that can create a playlist for every folder given? like say i select a bunch of folders in clip’s MUSIC folder (msc) and press “create”, and a playlist appears for each folders contents? baiscally i need folder nav so i could easily put and remove files without much confusion when i actually use the player. cause at the moment i still use some folders to have a better understanding where my files reside on the clip, but i have to set up tags for use with the clip… it’s a pain in the xxx actually…

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