Sansa Clip Firmware 1.01.18 Released to Sansa Updater


We have posted the latest Sansa Clip firmware to the Sansa Updater.

Bugs Fixed / Enhancements:

Netlibrary / Overdrive Audiobook content resumes and fast-forwards correctly.

Add MSC mode setting for customers who cannot use AutoDetect or MTP mode.

Long Song / Artist / Album list scrolling speed is faster.

Voice Recorder UI changed to allow playback of recordings without navigating to the Music menu.

Fixed initialization issue with Spectrum Display.

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Message Edited by sansafix on 12-03-2007 11:41 AM

You guys are the best!  Thanks for the update!

Any chance of getting a zip or bin file for us Linux folks?

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Yeah! MSC mode on the menu!!  Echo what cydewaze said.  I’d rather just drag the binary into the root folder like I did with the last firmware

I have loaded and tested a few of the items and sansafix, once again, was right on the money with what we could expect and the turn around time was great considering the fact that the Thanksgiving holiday was mixed in there.

Overdrive/Netlibrary FF bug is fixed…tested and confirmed (in fact long MP3 files is more stable as well during FF)

USB MSC option works great and much appreciated

Those are the two main things I have tested.


@amkoas: That link is for the .17A firmware, not the .18

wow, looky there… you be rite… mah bad… i m glad to make an apology for this update…
thanx for the correction.

sandisk is pretty fast with these new firmwares! thank you for the msc only mode, it fixes a lot of problems with other people.  i still don’t understand why we can’t see MTP files in MSC mode.  it would be useful as MSC refreshes 10x slower.

regardless, i’d still like a lower minimum volume so i don’t have to run this every time i put on new music.  also my new sennheisers are coming and i fear the dB reduction f mp3gain will make it unlistenible / battery killer at max volume

So can anyone post the bin file?  It would be much appreciated so I don’t have to go hunt down an XP computer.

I just told someone at work to hold off buying a clip for Audiobooks because of the Overdrive FF issue. A quick check looks like it is now fixed. I’ll try the fix again on my walk tomorrow and if FF works, I’m shouting BUY, BUY to everyone I know. Thanks, Hodge.

Is there a fix to allow more steps in volume control (so the radio can be played quieter).
Also, volume normal/loud and equalizer only function on audio files not radio–is this intentional?

The volume control request for more steps is on the list for consideration.  Its not in the current release.

Equalizer does not affect the FM radio. The tuner output passes directly to the Headphone Amp without processing.

If you record FM, you may be able to apply the equalizer to the wav file playback.

Message Edited by sansafix on 12-04-2007 09:33 AM

I’m so pleased with this update!  The clip is now perfect for me - I was starting to get a bit panicky because I was running out of time to return it if I couldn’t get it to work with audiobooks. ;)  Happily, it seems to be working fantastically!

FF works great!! Last week I literally had to remember where I was on a track, calculate how soon to turn on the Clip before walking so it would play over what I’d listened to the morning before. The new update works great!

One further note, last night I shelled out $205.00 at Costco for an X-mas Ipod Nano that the youngest daughter has to have - sure, it will probably run circles around the Clip, but that kid will do without or shell out her own money to replace her Nano if it is stolen (a hot item right now) or lost. Me, I’m out about 40 bucks if the Clip is lost. Thanks Sansa!!

Volume minimum still loud.  Radio is almost unlistenable in a quiet room, just too loud.  I can’t recommend this device to anyone until the minimum volume setting is modified.