New Release for Sansa Clip FW 1.01.17


We have posted a new release to the Sansa Updater with several improvements and fixes.

Voice Recorder Sample rate improved.

Numerous bug fixes.

Battery Gauge more accurate.

Long MP3 file Audiobooks FF properly.  WMA 32K will be fixed in the next release.

Long MP3 files resume properly. 

Time for long files shows Hours properly.

Charging from USB does not force Database to refresh if no content is transferred.

Spectrum Display runs faster when EQ is turned on.

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Nothing for the resume failure on long files yet?


Thanks sansafix for the update.  I have loaded and for my needs this makes the Sansa Clip the perfect device!!!  Thanks for your responses and I will continue to look for enhancements but I am very happy with my device!!!  Great job!!

Resume failure for WMA 32K is a deeper problem,  we will get it on the next release.  Should be in two weeks or so.  I found out other players have the same problem as well…

It’s a relief to hear there’s a timeline that you’re working towards, at least.  Now I have something to look forward to!  yippee


How do you update the firmware?  I used the latest firmware updater which indicated that there was no neweer firmware available. Currently have firmware V01.01.11A.

Try uninstalling the Sansa firmware updater and then redownload the Sansa updater from sandisk’s website. That’s worked in the past for me.

Today was the first install of the updater.  Version1.0.1.4, which was downloaded from the sandisk web site.  Is there a differen version I should be using?

Version 1.082 is the version you should be using for the updater.

maybe is a dumb question but…where can the updater be downloaded? I looked in and found only 1.041

I downloaded the updater at this link:

this morning and successfully updated the firmware on my clip with it


Download the updater here:

Your should see a link to:

Which is for 1.082

thanks for tje pointer, downloaded and upgraded. I tried it and after charging via usb without copying any mp3 and when disconnecting I was able to continue at the same place.

Thanks sansafix (from a fellow soft developer).

One question about hte new manual that i also downloaded, it gives contradictory info about mp3 kbps, is that 32 or 64 min?

Which bit rate will the Sansa  Clip player support?
The Sansa  Clip player will support 64-320Kbps for MP3 and 32-192Kbps for WMA.

Is the player compatible with podcast?
As long as the podcast are in MP3 format and an appropriate bit rate (32-320 kbps), then
the player should be capable of playing the files.

The MP3 format is supported from 32 to 320KBPS

Just installed the latest updater for my Clip…updater tells me “installation failed, please try again later”.  I currently have ver 1.01.11.  I’ve re-installed the latest updater twice and still no love.   Please help.


careful with uninstalling, it requires a restart or closing sansadispatch and manually deleting.

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careful with uninstalling, you need to restart or end the sansadispatch process and remove the directory before reinstalling.

removed feature? rewinding no longer goes to the previous track after hitting the beginning of a song.  this was one of my favorite features of the previous firmware because there is no fast forward by percent, only an accelerated rewind which i hate because at the track lengths i listen at, right when it starts going fast is where i want to stop.  rewinding from the previous song which put me at the last part of the previous song was much appreciated and i wish it wasn’t removed.  a good solution would be like other mp3 players where clicking the center button goes to a dot on the song length bar and can be adjusted left/right by percent.

p.s. as an avid classical listener, i feel that the preset is quite opposite of what generally does classical justice, which is the mids, high mids, and low treble. this is where the tone and timbre of the piano and strings come out.  there is no preset that covers that ground.  rock is lows and highs in a V shape, pop seems to be low mids, jazz is highs.  the current classical just seems all muffled except the lower bass.  i think it should be changed, so i can use classical on most classical, and custom depending on the genre and headphones i am using.  either that or another custom or make all of them adjustable!

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How do I check on what firmware is installed on the clip?  I think I upgraded the firmware just now but I’m not sure as the installer had an error message and shut down.  I had already disconnected the player as directed.


     The Sansa site has a dowloads feature. The page listing the new firware has a FAQ section to talk you throught going to settings, and firmware on your clip menu to see what you’ve got on clip.  I had same issue with download failing and stopping at 40% and then error.  So I re did it and checked the settings as FAQ instructed and found the new 07 firmware was on the clip. Good Luck, Jim

danshe wrote:

How do I check on what firmware is installed on the clip?

Settings -> System Info