SOLVED - Playlist (what happened?)

I’m trying to figure out playlist. It seems that with the old SanDisk player the playlist was built around the music. Now it seems to be the other way around. I had read most of the playlist info and actually had a good working playlist. Then I realized after selecting a particular artist I had duplicate songs because of the playlist I created. What happened to the simplicity of creating and enjoying playlist?

SOLVED: Thanks to the internet I figured out to make up playlist without having to duplicate already existing files/songs. I created a m3u file in notepad and it WORKS! The biggest thing you have to watch for is exact spelling as it appears in the player, including capital letters. You can name the file anything (test.m3u) but, it has to be followed by .m3u

Here is the link that had the information. If you go to the top of the page you can click on ‘example’ which is wonderful.

GitHub - cronburg/sandisk-m3u: M3U playlist generator for sandisk mp3 players.

sandisk-m3u/example at master · cronburg/sandisk-m3u · GitHub

I just had to add the :: between the lines to make the next line(s) work. Other than that it worked great. SanDisk Clip Sport Go file structure in my player (Music\Artist\Album\song title.mp3/wma…)

#EXTINF:0,Music\David Lanz\Cristofori’s Dream\Cristofori’s Dream.mp3
Music\David Lanz\Cristofori’s Dream\Cristofori’s Dream.mp3
#EXTINF:0,Music\Brian Crain\A Light in the Trees\Tenderness.mp3
Music\Brian Crain\A Light in the Trees\Tenderness.mp3
#EXTINF:0,Music\Brian Crain\Piano & Light\At the Ivy Gate.mp3
Music\Brian Crain\Piano & Light\At the Ivy Gate.mp3
#EXTINF:0,Music\Brian Crain\Sienna\Song For Sienna.mp3
Music\Brian Crain\Sienna\Song For Sienna.mp3
#EXTINF:0,Music\David Lanz\Piano\Her Solitude.mp3
Music\David Lanz\Piano\Her Solitude.mp3
#EXTINF:0,Music\David Lanz\Piano\Painting the Sun.mp3
Music\David Lanz\Piano\Painting the Sun.mp3
#EXTINF:0,Music\Ryan Stewart\Equanimity\Autum.mp3
Music\Ryan Stewart\Equanimity\Autum.mp3
#EXTINF:0,Music\Paul Cardall\New Life\02 - Letting Go.mp3
Music\Paul Cardall\New Life\02 - Letting Go.mp3