Play List writing made easy

I have written a Windows platform application to make writing a playlist very easy. The user connects the MP3 player to their computer, and copies over five files, including the application, to the ?\Music\ directory on the player. The user then navigates to the ?\Music directory, double clicks the executable, and it starts. An M3U file is opened and its contents written to a window on the application. A button is clicked and the user can browse to mp3 files on the player (the mp3 files have to be on the player). The user can select one or many files. The selected files are added to the window. The windows is editable. You can remove an entry, relocate an entry in the list, you can type in an entry. There is a nice feature as well. I have included a button to display the Length or play time of all the entries in the window. That way you will know if you have written a long enough list to last your journey. After selecting files and before the selected files are displayed in the window a lot of validation takes place. Invalid files are written to an error messages text file that the user can open in any text editor. The user can save the windows contents to the m3u file via two buttons: Save and Exit.

I assume this will work on most SanDisk MP3 players. I only have Clip Sport Go. If your player has a folder called Music and supports the play list function, my programme is likely to work. I am looking for ten volunteers to test this programme with a completion date of end of January 22. After that date I get back into my studies and this project will be low priority. If you are interested simply respond with your name and email and I will send you a zip file with the five files it it. I will of course give the testers any later versions.