How About a Utility to Create a Play List?

Can’t Sandisk give us a simple utility to create playlists? I’ve tried the instructions but they don’t work.

I miss dragging my playlists from WMP to my Clips and BAM! done. This Jam thing is a real dud.

Can’t Sandisk help us?

BTW, wy not just use our phones? I don’t want a $600 phone in my pocket when I’m jogging or working outside. I want a lightweight small little device like the jam clipped to a packet. Come on SanDisk. Help us out.

I am having success creating m3u playlists on my Clip Sport with music files arranged in multiple subfolders using VLC Media Player.

First, I use Win File Explorer to create subfolders on my Clip Sport (internal memory or external card) under Music. Then I copy my selected mp3 files from my PC into the various Music subfolders on my Clip Sport

Then I use VLC Media Player to load the mp3 files on my player into the VLC playlist window. 

(Cannot combine internal memory and micro SD card sources in the same playlist.)

Then I use "Media -> Save Playlist to file -.> Save as “abc123.m3u” and save the new playlist in any one of the Music subfolders on my player.   Then I can use Music mode or Card mode on my Clip Sport to select the playlist and listen to music files across all the subfolders.

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