Playlists into Sport Go from macOS iTunes

Hi mp3 player fans,

Sorry in advance for my english, not my native language and definitely not the full vocabulary :).
I purchased a new SanDisk Clip Sport Go mp3 player and I’m struggling with how to add a playlist on this device. I have a macOS (High Sierra), using iTunes and I’m pretty familiar with the issue that I actually need to have the songs in mp3 files in iTunes – yes I do have them in mp3 formats, physically in my computer folder (Music>iTunes>iTunes Media>Music). I don’t have a problem with adding songs on the mp3 player, I can see all the songs and albums and artists and I can play it on the mp3 player just fine. But I have an issue with creating playlists which work on the player. I have several playlists in my iTunes library but whenever I’m using the standard way of exporting a playlist via iTunes (File>Library>Export playlist) and saving it as an m3u file into my mp3 player the playlist appears to be there, but after selecting it it says [empty].

What I figured out so far is that (probably, and please don’t judge me I’m no tech person and my computer skills are very limited :D) inside the m3u file the paths to those songs are just not properly linked with those songs in my player. Since I wasn’t able to figure out how to export a playlist directly from iTunes I tried to create a m3u playlist by myself through a basic plain text editor. I pasted the songs directly from the mp3 player into the text editor (see the picture) and saved it. Not working though either. Still says [empty]. I run out my “solutions” and now I really need help how to create something so simple as a playlist is… c’mon there must be some easy solution (no additional app, “difficult coding” :smiley: etc.), probably I’m missing just some basic step or something…

Please help guys! Have very nicely curated playlists and just need to keep listening to them :).

Thanks in advance!!


Over my 5 years using my Clip Sport (non Go version) I find it is extremely challenging to create playlists using a Mac Computer with any MacOS. Copies of iTunes playlists do not work. But try placing your iTunes playlist file (m3u) within the actual music subdirectory containing the music files. Not necessary to save the playlist file in the Playlist folder.

One software app I use is mp3tag for the MacOS version. Here are 2 links for you to study.

  1. Link to general mp3tag website:
    Mp3tag - the universal Tag Editor (ID3v2, MP4, OGG, FLAC, ...)
  2. Link to older shareware version of mp3tag for MacOS:
    Download - VideoHelp

AND, better than this is to use a Windows or Linux computer to take advantage of an easy to use batch command to instantly create a specific playlist m3u file directly within the actual music subdirectory in your player.