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I have used a Windows computer with my SanDisk Sport Plus Player for decades. I had folders with 20 songs each, I used wmp to create m3u playlists. I put the playlist inside the folder. Then I stored all those (140 of them) folders on a portable hard drive. Then all i had to do is connect both my san disk and my portable hard drive, and I simply dragged and dropped the folders, about 15-20 folders at a time. All my playlists and everything worked fine.
NOW I HAVE A MAC. I can still take all my old folders and drag and drop them into the sand disk from my mac. BUT HOW DO I Make playlists that will work. I have made m3u files on my mac, using text edit (plain text) but they include the file location on my mac. When I load these the plylist name appears on the player but it says empty.
I have tried the manner my old ones appeared.
#EXTINF:0,Song Title 1.mp3
Song Title 1.mp3

#EXTINF:0,Song Title2.mp3

But it always says empty. I tried deleting the second line. Still says empty. Again, this is on a MAC. Can anyone help?

I FIGURED IT OUT!!! Mac users. This will work, a little clinky but no more empty playlists. Since I had working playlists created on a PC, I simply go a copy of that m3u file to my Mac. It looks like what I just said. But instead of typig a new text edit (plain text) document. COPY the working one from the PC into a new text edit, plain text document. THEN go ahead and change the file names. It may look like what you already tried but it works. Must be the end of line characters that are not visible like people here are saying. At any rate save the file with the extension .m3u I then put that file into the folder with all the songs, and I simply drag and drp that floder into the sandisk player. Yes I know it is a tad bit more work, but if you are like I am, once i mae the playlist and save it, I am done with it. I have like 140 folders of songs I rotate through and this should not be that big of a deal once I get them all…

Take a look at this message in the SanDisk Forum.

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Thank you for letting me know how you resolved it. I was looking for it for so many days and I am glad I found my help over here. You made my day. I appreciate you.

On a Mac, try using relative file paths in your m3u playlist instead of absolute paths.

Maybe take a look at the information inside this message trail within this SanDisk Forum. The challenge is for SanDisk users to understand how MacOS does not use the required CR/LF line endings for SanDisk m3u text files.

Random problem in playlists - SanDisk MP3 players / SanDisk® Clip Sport - SanDisk Forums

i have downloaded mp3 app for mac. created an m3u playlist with this app. stored in folder. dragged and dropped this folder into san disk player. still says playlist empty. I tried both relative and absolute. there is no documentation with this software. any thoughts…again this is for a MAC

mp3tag app as you suggested

Here is a brief summary of how to use the app with MacOS.
Create a sub-folder of mp3 music files within the main Music folder in the SanDisk player (not in your computer). Then point the mp3tag app into this subfolder so all the mp3 files are listed on the right side of the screen. Then in the File menu, select Playlist (all files). Then save the Playlist into the sub-folder.
Then it will be best to change the filename of the playlist. To something like Firstlist.m3u. Then eject the player from the USB connection. Then see what happens when you startup your player and point to Music → Playlists.

Thanks for the advice, but that still didnt work. On the mac we have a choice when saving – path: relative or absolute. I tried both. Neither one worked, ie they were both empty on the player. I am not troubled-- I needed the mp3 tag software for the tags…And I can just take an old working playlist created on PC and change the file names. That still works…I love my Mac, but there are things that are very quirky and when you live in a PC world, some things don’t work so well…Thanks again

Here is one last idea that works for me (MacOS + Clip Sport).
Using mp3tag (for MacOS), select Tools->Options->Playlist.->uncheck “Write Extended Info”->OK
I save each new m3u text file in the same subfolder with the corresponding mp3 files.
Make sure each new m3u text file has a unique name (change from default mp3tag.m3u).

thanks to all for your efforts. as i said I can do this by overwriting file names from an working PC-created playlist…
mp3 tag updates. I have tried the follwing, all to no avail-- 1. open mp3tg on my mac. 2. open the sand disk player on my mac. 3. Open the folder on san disk that has a bunch of music files. 4. Drag all music files onto the mp3 tag software. 4. Create playlist…5. I have tried m3u extended relative, m3u extended absolute, m3u not extended relative, and m3u not extended absolute…6. quit mp3 tage software on mac. 7. eject sport plus player. 8. Look on player for playlists–all 4 of those are listed, but they are all empty… My mac is ventura 13.2.1 OS
So bless everyone for trying to help, I am grateful for your time…But I cannot get mp3tag to work.
By the way, took me forever to find Tools > Options. On my version of the software there is not any TOOLS submenu. But when you create the playlist, it gives you a choice between extended and regular, and another choose between relative and absolute. Once again…THANKS to everyone for trying to solve it…