Same song in multiple playlists

So, I have a couple doubts about the playlists. It seems to make the playlist work, it has to:

(1) be in .m3u format

(2) Be created a folder, lets call it «playlist name» and the .m3u file has to be called the very same name and be in that folder

(3) All the songs within the .m3u playlist must be in that folder.

**(4)**The Playlist folder must contain ONLY folders (that represents each playlist and EACH FOLDER must contain ONLY the songs and the .m3u)

Is that correct? I did various tests and it seems to be the only way it works. If someone has created playlists differently and less bureaucratically, I’d like to hear it in order to make it easier.

With the playlist created, the songs that are on that playlist goes to the “Songs” directory in the mp3 software (where appear all your music list) so I have to maneuve the folders in order for the songs that are in a playlist aren’t in the “Music” folder (in the mp3 when u connect to the PC) so they don’t appear repeated. Now, if I create 2 playlists that share a song, it’ll appear the exact same song 2 times in the “Songs” in the mp3.

Is there a way where the songs that are in playlists dont appear in the “Songs”, so this way I can have the playlists with the songs I want without a worry and put all the songs alltogether in the “Music” folder?

Resuming: The music I put in playlists appear in the directory of the mp3 where appears ALL the music (“Songs”), making them appearing multiple times if I create 2 playlists that share a song or when I put the song both in a playlist and in the “Music” folder in PC

Thank you in advance

My best advice is to use the software mp3tag to create music playlists for audio files saved under the Music folder in the Clip Sport (or under the Music folder on the micro SD card).

Then, try this method for starters:

    1. Create one “primary” subfolder under Music for one Artist, for one Genre, or for one specific collection of albums, etc.

         There can be several secondary subfolders within the new “primary” subfolder.

           (You can create several other “primary” subfolders after you are satisfied with this method.)

    2.  Use Windows File Explorer to copy your desired secondary folders and music files into the new “primary” subfolder.

    3.  Use mp3tag software to load all the contents of your new “primary” subfolder into the playlist manager window.

           Create your desired sorting scheme in this master list for the order you would like to play the music files.

    4. Use mp3tag software to save the playlist file (with your “desired filename”.m3u) into the “primary” subfolder.

    5. Use the Windows drive eject tool to make sure all file management is complete before you disconnect your player.

Playlists are accessed by the Clip Sport using Music Mode (internal) and Card Mode -> Music (external) NOT FOLDER MODE

It is not possible to mix internal and external music files in the same playlist. 

     If you want to use a “Songs” directory, this should be inside the Music directory. (like a new “primary” subfolder).

One or many music files can be part of many different m3u files. Start experimenting using these basic instructions.

I think it works best to use mp3tag software to make playlists from folders and files the software sees on the player (and the card).  I think it does not always work if you design a playlist on your PC and then copy everything to the player.

Maybe report back here with your progress and SanDisk Forum members will provide more & better advice.

Sorry for the late response. Had been busy with exams.

So, I’ve tested what you said and got to the conclusion that theres no difference between putting m3u in folders within Playlist folder or Music folder. Also, the m3u. file doesnt need to have the folder name, as I previous stated.

This being said, I tested and I did what you said about creating other folder and put the songs and the playlists and respective folder there. Thanks to that I found the solution for it: put all the songs in Music directory (as I had previosly) and ignore completely the additional folders and the playlist folder that comes with the mp3 system. You can simply create the .m3u and put it in the Music Directory alongside with all the music, therefore it wont create any copies of the song.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: