Playlist problem

I recently updated my Clip Zip firmware to release 01.01.21. That appears to have messed up my playlists. I became so frustrated that I formatted my device. The methods some forum members have described to create and put playlists on the Clip Zip often use Windows Media Player, or MediaMonkey, or Winamp. Because Winamp will be defunct shortly, I am not using it any more. The playlists I created are simply lists of mp3 files on my hard drive. Now, the big burning question is: how can I simply add my playlists to my Clip Zip? For your reference, my OS is Windows 7 Home Premium, and my browser is Firefox. If anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it.

I believe MP3Tag, the overwhelmingly recommended free ID3 tag editing program will alos create .m3u format playlists.

Thank you, tapeworm. I will try that. What USB mode should I be in when I move the playlists?

I’ve downloaded MP3tag and created some playlists.  Now, do I move individual mp3 files to my Clip Zip and then export the m3u playlist?  Exactly what steps do I have to perform?


In MP3Tag, you will have to navigate to the directory (Music folder) on your Clip Zip (or memory card), NOT to the files on your computer. You can open the entire Music folder if you wish but note this may take some time if it has a lot of folders/files in it. Then you can select which files you want included in each playist (use the CTRL button in conjunction with your mouse to select multiple entries). When you’re done populating the playlist and go to save it, remember to choose a name for it, and even more importantly save it in the Music folder, not the Playlist folder as you might think.

Edit: I would use MSC mode.

If I understand correctly, I copy all my mp3 files that I want to have in playlists to the Music folder on my Clip Zip?  Is that the first step I take? 

And, from where do I copy my mp3 files? Would it be from the folder “Music” in MediaMonkey?

@suomi48 wrote:

If I understand correctly, I copy all my mp3 files that I want to have in playlists to the Music folder on my Clip Zip?  Is that the first step I take? 

They should already be there. Are they not? Then yes, you need to put those files onto the player. A playlist is simply a listing of certain songs you wish to play as a group and the path needed for the player to find them. Nothing more. If the songs are not on the player in the first place, how is your playlist going to find them?

suomi48 wrote:

And, from where do I copy my mp3 files? Would it be from the folder “Music” in MediaMonkey?

I would assume they are stored in your My Music folder on your computer. You don’t neeed MediaMonkey to find them for you, although it’s probably the same place. Open up Explorer and go to your My Music folder. Select which folders/files you want to transfer, highlight them and copy them to the Music folder on your player.

Easy-peasy. :smiley:

Well, I tried to copy the playlists and my mp3 files using the msc mode and it failed. 

Could someone, like tapeworm, please explain the following to me:

1.  Do my mp3 files have to be in the folder “My Music”?  Right now, they are in a folder “C:\Music”.

2.  My playlists are in the folder “C:\Users\Owner|My Music\Playlists”.  Is this the right place for them, or should they reside in a different folder?  I created the playlists using the software “Playlist Creator 3.6.2”.  All the playlists have the .m3u file extension.

3.  When my playlists and mp3 files are in the correct folders, exactly what folders should they be in on the Clip Zip? 

4.  Do I simply copy the playlists and mp3 files and paste them to the correct folder on the Clip Zip?

Any detailed, simple explanation would be appreciated.

Thank you.

As I said before, the music has to _ first _ be on your player, normally in the MUSIC folder. Then you have to create the playlist from those _ files on the player _, not on your computer. By creating the playlist from the files on your computer, the paths to those songs are not correct when you copy the playlist to your player. They are still pointing to the file locations on your computer.

Where the files reside on your computer doesn’t matter; as long as you can find them to copy them to the player. Again, you have to do this first, then in MP3Tag, navigate to them on your player. Open up the Music folder on the player (in MP3Tag), select the files you wish to add to a playlist (using the CTRL button in conjunction with your mouse for non-adjacent or non-sequential files), click FILE > PLAYLIST (SELECTED FILES), and create/assign a name to the playlist file (the part just before the .m3u and after the last back-slash ( \ ), not the entire path as it comes up in the name box). While you’re here, make sure the res of the path where the playlist file is going to be saved is the Music folder on your player. If you’ve done it correctly, it should be.

Hope this helps.

IT WORKED!!!  Tapeworm, thank you so very much for your help and patient understanding.  You truly are a gift to this forum.  Again, words simply cannot express my deep gratitude to you.

Glad it worked for you! :smileyvery-happy: