Playlist lost upon transfer

Got Clip for Christmas, so I’m new at this. I created a playlist on WMP11, synched it. The songs got onto the Clip, but they’re not in a folder, or playlist, they’re just tossed song for song into and among the songs already there. So, I have to select individual songs to listen to rather than a playlist. What happened to the playlist? I’ll bet this q proves I"m a newbie, eh?

Rowdy - Have you figured this out?  I’m having the same problem!  I successfully transfered two playlists to my clip in August but I tried, unsuccessfully, yesterday.

I use Yahoo jukebox and it also doesn’t put the songs in the playlist folder. But the playlist titles are on the scroll list under music. I figured out that I can only add or delete the playlist titles through the jukebox program on my computer. But at least the playlists there in the clip with all the correct songs.

No, rjweber, I haven’t figured it out. I was hoping that some of the good folks on here would have a simple solution. Songs do get transferred, but they’re dumped into the music folder without organization. No playlist

I dont have playlist on my Clip yet but, on my fuze, it throws the files into the music folder, and puts the m3u file on the fuze as well. Try going to your playlist option, and see if the title is there. If it is play it, and make sure the files that are supposed to be there are. If not you probably did somthing wrong in the process of adding it.

I’m having the same problem but I think you have to use a media player that allows you to create a .m3u playlist or something like that. I know you can do it with Winamp, not sure about WMP but It’s covered elsewhere on the forum in the FAQ section up top.