Napster playlists won't copy to Fuze

I just got a Fuze today, and when I copy some of my old napster-to-go playlists, the songs copy fine but not the playlists.  Anyone know what the trouble is?

What format are the playlists in? If they’re in m3u format, then you need to do a little messing with paths. If possible, can you paste a section of one of your playlists here? That would help in figuring out what’s going on - it’s more than likely that they contain relative paths and you’ve just put them in the wrong place on your Fuze.


There are two ways to copy the playlists to the device.  You can drag the playlist directly to the device displayed at the top left of the window, or you can drag the playlist to the “hot” section at the bottom right where it says to drag files that you want to sync to the device.

One of them will copy the music files and the playlist and the other one just copies the music files.  

Off the top of my head I can’t remember which one is correct.  But whichever method you tried, try the other and see if it works for you.  :-)

Hope this helps,


Thanks, I know how to drag the playlists over in Napster, it wasn’t working for this new player.  Anyway, I figured out a workaround.  After I copy over a playlist, I disconnect the player.  Then I switch the order of two of the songs in the playlist I just copied.  When I reconnect the player, a window pops up saying that I have updated my playlist and do I want to copy it over.  I click OK and after the playlist is copied over a second time, it now appears on my player.  It’s a kluge, but it works.

You must have a problem with your player or with Napster because I just got a new Fuze and my playlists load onto it just fine. To load them I open my playlists, which have been created by dragging MP3/WMA files into a playlist, and then drag them down to the lower right hand side of the screen (when the player is plugged in). This works just like it did with my previous Sansa Clip.