Solution for problem getting connected to my home wireless network - use encryption key


I was having trouble all evening trying to get connected to my AT&T Yahoo wireless network here at home.

I kept entering my router password - never could get in.  After calling the help desk and resetting everything and doing a recovery I still couldn’t connect.  I finally found that using the “encryption” key for my network I was able to connect.  Thought I’d pass that on to anyone else having problems in the hope that it might be helpful.

By the way - when I got my Sansa Connect I found a wonderful little video loaded from the BBC - called Blue Sky or something like it - great shots of hummingbirds.  Unfortunately  that got erased when I did the “reset” and the “recovery” as recommended by the help desk.  Any chance someone could send it to me so I can have this on my Sansa Connect.?



Hi Paula;

The Connect is a wireless network device like any other wireless network device you have in your home, whether it be a laptop, Tivo, a networked printer, etc.  The purpose of an encryption key is to keep other people from using your wireless network.  Your router password would only be used to keep people from sitting at your PC and accessing/modifying your router’s settings.

Regarding the hummingbirds video, you might want to check these sources:

Thanks much for the clarification on “encryption” vs. router password.  Very helpful.

I did check out the link you had sent me for the hummingbird video - I had seen some of these - none seem to be the one that came as a demo video on the Sansa Connect.  I was hoping someone might be able to find the demo video on their Sansa Connect and send me a copy.  Don’t know if that would work or not. 

Anyway, thanks for your help.



Oh, I forgot about that video on the Connect.  I thought you meant you found it on the Web, after buying the Connect.  That’s interesting that they supply a video on the Connect, given that it’s only the very latest firmware that supports videos.  ???

You may want to call Sandisk and ask them if they’ll send you a copy.

Actually, If you are able to connect to the internet, the connect will update the firmware itself. And as for being able to connect…

You need to make sure if your router is set to static or DHCP.

With out getting to Techy,  DHCP will allow you to connect with no issues, If your router is set to Static, you most likely will have to get your ISP (Internet Service Provider) , If they gave you the router, to help you set up the IP and MAC address.

I know it may sound confusing, just call your ISP , as In roadrunner, Verizon, aol…etc , and find out from them what you are set up as.


Thanks so much for your response.   I did send an e-mail to Sansa support - hope they can provide the little video that came as a demo. In the meantime I did get several short BBC videos with David Attenbourough from YouTube and Google which are working great on the Sansa Connect.



Greetings - Thanks for your comments. 




THANK YOU for the tip about the encryption key!!  WHY IN THE HECK Sandisk’s (and for that matter, almost every other electronic device company) User Manual can’t include that info is just beyond me.  I wasted about 4 hours trying to figure out what I needed to do to adjust in my wireless software to get it to recognize the Connect.  One would think that at least their Q&A would cover that.

Thanks again.