Help: Wireless Network Connections

I just got my Sansa Connect and I LOVE it.  However, when I get to work and want to listen, I get a huge LONG list of wireless networks, and they ALL have the NOT sign over them  on the left (The red circle with the line through it) and the “lock” sign on the right.  Even the ones that say Free Internet Access and Free Public WiFi.  When I attempt to connect I get the “cancelling” message.

I had not trouble at all connecting to my wireless network at home.  Any Clue how I can get connected elsewhere?


You can connect to any open WiFi network that has Open Authentication (no password required), WEP or WPA Personal security. WEP and WPA require passwords and will show with a lock icon to indicate that.

You can use the Connect at local Hotspots with open authentication, provided the network does not divert you to a ‘terms of use’ acceptance web page before letting you access the internet. The Connect cannot display the ‘terms of use’ page and will just cancel during the ‘Checking Network’ step.

WPA Enterprise security is not supported, and is used by many companies to secure their networks. WPA Enterprise requires a user to enter a username and password. The Connect will not negotiate username/password with WPA Enterprise security.

If a network shows with the NOT sign (red circle with line through it) it means you definitely cannot connect either due to a special security or that it is an unsupported 802.11 network (e.g. and 802.11a network not 802.11b/g).

Thank you, this was very helpful information.  I do work in an environment with a secure network, so it is somewhat disapointing that I can’t listen to my live tunes, but then there are all the others I can use.  So, again, Thank You!

OK this may sound stupid but can I use the USB port to connect to the LAN line in my office.  Why does it only take WiFi connection?