I can't seem to get my Sansa Connect to log onto the Wifi...

I can’t seem to get my Sansa Connect to log onto the Wifi internet.  It keeps asying it is locked and also it says the Network is called LG7G7.  Soomeone please help me to get logged onto the Wi-Fi Network.



Have you logged onto this network before?

Is this your home network?

Is  LG7G7  the name of your network?

Did you change security settings or passphrase?

The lock indicates it has security enabled and requires a passphrase. 

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Q: What are the steps that the Connect performs when connecting to a WiFi network?

A: There are typically three steps when the Connect starts WiFi.

  1. FINDING NETWORKS – Available networks are identified and presented. You can select an available network or choose ‘hidden network’ (if you know the SSID of a hidden network). When you successfully connect to network, the network name and password is saved in the ‘PREFERRED NETWORKS’ list. If a Preferred Network is available, the Connect will automatically select it and send the password information to connect to it.

  2. CONNECTING TO NETWORK – the Connect is authenticating and associating with the WiFi network access point. If the Connect completes this step, then you know the security settings are compatible, the password was correct and you successfully connected to the access point. If you fail this step but connected to this network before, delete the network from the ‘PREFERRED NETWORKS’ list so you can manually enter the password (as something might have changed since it was last saved).

  3. CHECKING NETWORK – the Connect is testing network connectivity beyond the wireless access point and verifying the Zing service network is reachable. If the connection fails during this step then there is a problem with the access point internet connection or the access point diverts the connection to a ‘terms of use agreement’ web page. Some hotspots divert to a terms of use agreement web page which the Connect cannot accept.