Sansa will not connect to unbroadcasted SSID

I changed my router to broadcast the SSID so the SANSA Conect would see it, but when I turned off the broadcast the SANSA will no longer connect to it.  Does the SANSA not have the ability to attach to an unbroadcasted network even when it has be configured to see it?

If not this capability needs to be added, because it’s a poor security practice to broadcast an SSID.

That’s right.  Even after an SSID has been stored as a Preferred Network, the Connect considers a network inactive if it isn’t broadcasting an SSID.

If you have a Wi-Fi network locked down with WPA, it won’t matter if you broadcast SSID.

Hi, can you explain in a bit more detail how I can connect to my saved preferred network (or any other) when I am not logged in at home.  I just bought my connect and saddens me that I cannot play it at work because it can’t find a network.  I work in a tight security location so not allowed to play internet radio and that was the whole reason I bought this mp3.  Please help.

Since the posts above yours, there has been a firmware upgrade that allows the Connect to work on networks with hidden SSID’s.

Now I’m not sure I understand your question.
It seems you want to be able to use a wireless network at your workplace.

Does your Connect see any wireless networks at work?
If they are hidden, it will show up on the Connect as “HIDDEN” and you can connect to it if you know the SSID name.

Your question about connecting when not logged on at home is unclear. Your Connect can save more than one “preferred network”.