WI-FI locked

Hello this is the second time that i write in the forum. This time i’m gonna tell you about how sell the Sansa Connect in my country. It is very cheap, about 60 dollars, that’s because they lock the WI-FI. Once a guy in mercado libre (EBAY in latin america) sell the method to unlock the function and i forget to buy it! So please if you now how to unlock it or you have an idea to how please give me the answer.

Thanks for your help.

Follow the instructions in this thread:


In a few words waht i’m doing with the connect it is an update of software, right?

Do you think that this really unlock the Sansa?

Yes, if you follow the instructions in that thread, you are installing an older version of the firmware that enables the WiFi functions.

Thank you very much man, once again you saved me…

I saved you once before?