New Sansa Connect $30 shipped, today only (Dec. 15, '09).

Sansa Connect for $30 ea., shipped, today only, from

Hmm, I wonder if it’s in the original box?  A lot of the repackaged Sansa Connects seem to have problems with small scratches on the screen.

Yeah, that recent Yugster offering was in a white box but missing the A/C adapter and had white Sansa earbuds and a very small screen scratch/nick.  Though the $23 price was nice.  I haven’t seen a new-package Connect in a while.  Perhaps they pulled them all because of that packaging touting Yahoo radio.

Surplus Computers seems to be a reliable source of new white box no-wi-fi Connects.  When I bought one from them that worked except for the speaker, they sent me a new one just on my word, and included a pre-paid UPS sticker to use to return the bad one to them.

jj2me, did the Connects you got from Surplus Computers have scratches on the screens?

No, the two I bought from them had no scratches.

And today it’s cheaper at their website ($31) than eBay ($32), both with free shipping.

Not that I’m pushing buying too many gadgets.

Too many gadgets… ?

I’m sorry, I don’t understand.


Uh oh.  Two recent eBay negative feedbacks for Surplus Computer’s Sansa Connects:

Doesnt respond to emails. Product was not new and missing software. Buyer:
hunterchick2007 ( 44 )
Dec-18-09 04:20  

Reply by (Dec-18-09 12:42):

We apologize with the holiday rush we will look into this issue today ASAP.
  Sandisk Sansa Connect 4GB MP3 Video Player (NO WIFI) (#160386027569)

Bad deal my stuff looked used and they wouldn’t e-mail me don’t order from them. Buyer:
ja213 ( 39 )
Dec-17-09 15:15  

Reply by (Dec-17-09 15:30):

We apologize about this, we will get back to you asap for replacement or refund
  Sandisk Sansa Connect 4GB MP3 Video Player (NO WIFI) (#160384273708)

And yes, gwk1967, one can acquire too many gadgets.  Especially when accumulating backups (or backups to backups).  I would give you proof, except I’m too embarassed.

Interesting that replies via eBay but not via email.

Regarding “product was not new” and “stuff looked used” … the buyers could just be complaining about the white box.

Regarding “missing software” … SanDisk did supply a CDROM with the Connect, but all it had on it was a user’s guide and Yahoo! Music Jukebox. 

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i know this is a completely noob question but i just bought two of these players from the 1saleaday offer and cannot figure out how to get these connected.  i bought these for my two young sons for christmas but cannot figure out how to connect them to my pc/netbook.  i’m running xp sp3, wmp 11, but my computer will not recognize the players.  any answers or pointers to helpful topics on this forum would be very appreciated.  since the package only contained the player, usb cable, and earbuds, (but scratch-free displays!) i’m at a loss as to how to get these working.  my computer does not show the player and wmp 11 doesn’t either.  olease help, thank you.

olease=please.  like oleo, seems familiar, but completely wrong.

I can’t explain why your computer isn’t recognizing your Connects, because all that the Connect requires is an MTP installation on your system, and if you have WMP 11 installed, you should have MTP.

You could try one of the Connects on another computer, just to make sure the problem is with the computer setup.  Because you can’t get either Connect to be recognized, the problem is likely to be your computer setup.  The other test computer should have WMP 10 or 11 installed.

You may want to try reinstalling WMP 11, in case there was some problem with its installation.

Finally, if you’ve tried the Connects with only one of the USB cables, try the other cable.  Also, try different USB ports on your computer.  I believe the Connect requires a USB 2.0 port (not 1.1).

Another thing to try (it’s worked in some cases of non-recognition by USB), is to fully turn off the Sansa Connect (hold the power button for 8 seconds, until you the display change from something like “Going to Sleep” to “Shutting Down” ), then connect it via USB to your computer.  Have patience while the 5 balls get displayed and it gets recognized.

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Definitely try that first before anything else, especially before reinstalling WMP 11.  :wink:

Hey, is selling refurbished Connects for $29.99, free S&H:

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great, thank you.  that did the trick.