software and driver

I need link to software and drivers


What software do you need?

As for drivers, the Connect doesn’t require any special drivers.  It just requires that you have MTP installed and working on your system, which you do if you have Windows Media Player version 10 or later installed.

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Subject: sansa media converter [Incident: 100521-000266]

look, all i want is the dog-gone PROGRAM that can “see” my device. i have the sansa connect and want to convert my family home movies to be PORTABLE.

why the heck can’t i get the program from this company?!?!?


i want to DOWNLOAD the sansa media converter.
i do NOT want to “reset” or make any changes to my sansa connect.

i want your company to make available to me a copy of the software that is designed for my sansa connect.

WHY do you not let end-users to get the software directly?? it isn’t like people want to use that program on other devices.

if you can NOT get me access to a copy of the program, can you tell me what 3rd party program/s WILL convert my personal videos to the format needed for my sansa connect player?

i have TWO of these, here are my serial numbers.

mine, device ID: 0035-0000-10E8-BE05
second line: B337-09D9-0300-3E60

MY WIFE’S device ID: 0035-0000-106C-A325
second line: 6CCD-F247-0300-4A3E

all i want is what i am OWED by your company. the copyright date from my system info is 2008. it is only TWO YEARS OLD.

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 Question Reference #  100521-000266 

and i TRIED the program they replied back with (Any Video Converter) . IT DOESN’T WORK FOR THE CONNECT!!!


I’ve been able to convert videos with the Any Video Converter, you just need to set it up right.  When I get home this evening I’ll try it out with my Connect and post the settings.

What is the format of the videos you’re trying to convert?

i tried a quicktime “.mov”, a divx 5 “.avi”, and an xvid “.avi”.

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Just found a post of mine:

i’ll try again, thank you for your time.