im trying to load the sansa connect on the computer but it wont load. it says it cant find the software. ive tried calling the support number but i cant get anybody and the support on the website isnt helping anything either.  i dont know how to get the software on the computer and it wont show a sansa connect icon either. HELP!!!

You do not need software or special drivers to use the Sansa Connect.  You need a computer running XP or Vista, and an up to date copy of Windows Media Palyer 11.  WMP11 includes a driver, “MTP”, which communicates with the Connect.  From WMP, you can transfer music on your computer to the Connect, rip CD music to your computer, and organize your library.  If you decide to sign up for subscription music services from Yahoo  you’ll need to download (free) a copy of Yahoo Music Jukebox from the Yahoo music site.

Be aware that SanDisk recently released a firmware upgrade that includes the added capability of playing videos on the Connect (along with some other enhancements to the Y! features).  The update will automatically download within 20-30 minutes after you make a successful WiFi connection.

Sansa has some videos that should help you get started using your player here:

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Also, make sure you have the latest firmware update on the Connect. Check the FAQs for details on getting firmware updates.

Below are the links to the resources and applications useful to Sansa Connect owners.

The new User Manual, FAQs and utilities are posted at

The FAQs are very insightful and can jump start your experience with the Sansa Connect.

The Yahoo! Music Jukebox application and manuals can be downloaded at