Cannot find drivers for my Sansa Connect

Whenever i try to ownload drivers for my Sansa Connect the download always fails… i dont know what to do, can anybody help me?

What drivers, and how do you attempt to download them?

If you have Windows Media Player 10 or 11 installed, the PC will have MTP functionality and the Connect should work.

There aren’t any additional drivers required.

I have a similar problem when i connet the sansa the computer tryies to install the driver and then it fails.

Could you give more information?

I have the same problem.  I connect the sansa to the usb port, my pc finds new hardware and tries to install…then fails. Since the first time I tried this and it failed, my pc no longer recognizes it.  The sansa only reads as ‘connected’ but doesn’t charge and I cannot do anything with it (I can’t add or remove media).  I followed instructions from other posts to reinstall drivers.  My current device status says ‘the drivers for this device are not installed. (code 28)’  So I click ‘reinstall drivers’ and when it gets to the end it says ‘an error occured during the installation of the device; a service installation section in this INF in invalid.’  What does this mean and does anyone know how to fix?

The big question is, does your Connect operate normally on its own?  If this is the case, update to Windows Media Player 11, or reinstall it.  At the very least, have WiMP 10.

Plug in the Connect.

Go to the Device Manager, and find the device (look for the wee yellow triangle of doom).

Uninstall the device, unplug, (I prefer to reboot at this point), and then plug in again.  See if Windows “finds new hardware” and communicates with your Connect.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: