Sansa Connect and Windows 7

i have windows 7 and wmp 12. i just bought a connect, and i cant connect it to the computer at all. It shows up in device manager as code 10 device couldnt start. ive looked everywhere for a solution, please help me. i bought this and now i cant put anything on it

Do a search for “Windows 7” throughout all the Sansa forums:

There have been many posts about problems using various Sansa players in MTP mode under Windows 7.  The Sansa Connect only does MTP mode.  You may find your answer in one of these threads.

Also, code 10 can occur on Windows 7 when a USB port cannot supply the power required by the device.  Try other USB ports on your computer, especially the ones on the back panel.

it was my **bleep**ty usb ports. I have to use the most inconviniently placed usb 1 port, but it works now…