So lost! Trying to load Audible file, get error (or can't see Fuze)

I think I’m missing something very basic, here.  My quickstart guide, a few pieces of cardboard clipped at one corner, didn’t tell me a lot of stuff, like I’d need to go to multiple computers and USB ports to find one that would charge the unit, or that I would have to switch into MSC mode in order to charge.  There was a mini-CD or DVD but when I put it in the computer, it just shows a multi-colored box with a link to load some Best Buy application that wouldn’t load, and a link to, and that’s it.  Shouldn’t it load something?  So I came here and found the manual for the Fuze 8 gb and got it to charge (not easy when there is not enough charge to navigate to MSC mode!)  I purchased an audible book and have it in Windows Media Player version 11.  However, if the unit is in MTP mode, the computer won’t recognize it and WMP says “connect a device” and won’t let me sync; if the unit is in MSC mode, it shows up on WMP but when I try to sync, I instantly get an error.  I see something about “Upon connection, select yada yada,” but I don’t get that option.  Am I missing some installation program that was supposed to be on this minidisk?  Is that option supposed to show up on Fuze or on WMP? 

Honestly, I deal with computer problems all the time.  I’ve never had this much of an out-of-the-box hassle to get basic functionality!  And the “switch to this, reset that” to get it to work – that’s reminiscent of the IBM PC, circa 1983.  This is really awful, imo – what do non-techie types do, those who don’t know to check the message boards? 

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Okay, uninstalled Windows Media Player, re-downloaded Audible Manager and this seems to work.  Good heavens, what a battle!

I feel your pain.

Windows Media Player is a necessary evil for Digital Rights Management with Audible.  For the Fuze, or any Sansa, out of the box, setting up with WiMP 10 / 11 can either be mind-mumbingly simple, or a royal quest.

For the Fuze, you will need to use Audible Format 4 , or the new “super mega ultimate high definition” format (5).  Uh, that would be 32 kb/s for format 4… plenty sharp for spoken word, I would think.  Format 3, more compact, does not work with the Fuze.

Be sure to download the SanDisk Digital Players plugin for your Fuze, via “check for updates”.

Your membership includes something pretty nice, a subscription to either the New York Times Audio Digest, or the Wall Street Journal.  It’s a nice touch.  Using the Chapter Mode on your Fuze, it’s a snap to browse the headlines.

You can load the audiobooks into either the internal memory, or an installed microSD card, directly from the Audible Manager.  Audiobooks are quite addictive.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

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