audible downloads and the Fuze?

Can not seem to get my player to recogonize my Audible files…any help?..they show up as on the device in Windows Media, but can not find them on the player itself…also, Audible will not recognize the device…it shows up in my Audible manager, but when I go to transfer a song in Audible, nothing…this process works in Windows, but again, can not find the file on my Fuze…



I have had to shut down audible manager and then reopen it to recognize my fuze.

I transfer the book over with audible manager and not windows media player.

I have to login to audible manager to get my files transferred.

I only have 2 books on mine so I have not done this very often.

I have a folder called audible when I look at my fuze files on windows explorer but it does not appear that way on the fuze itself, the files are located under audiobooks.

I don’t know if this helps, good luck.

thanks for the help…but it still does not seem to work…the Audible site says I need some new firmware…??..

I will keep trying.

Your Fuze needs to be in MTP mode for the protected content to transfer with its licenses.

The Audible Manager has an update function (click Help > Check for updates), then download the SanDisk Digital Players plugin.  From this point, authorize the Fuze, then transfer your books.

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thanks, i will give this a try…but now I have a new issue…so I updated my firmware and now Windows media player will not even recognize my fuze…why is this always so difficult…it was working great except for the audible stuff…so i updated, and now I have taken a step backward.


When updating your firmware, the default USB communications mode may change.

The Auto Detect mode tries to establish an MTP session, if the computer OS will support it, then it will try MSC mode.  For Audible, we need MTP and Windows Media Player 10 or 11.

WiMP supports the transfer of secure media files in the background, as it can access the unique ID and secure clock of the Sansa.  Be sure that WiMP 10 or 11 is installed.  If you have an XP based machine, for example, the original media player is WiMP 9, which doesn’t support MTP.  In the media player, go to Help > Check For Updates and install WiMP 11.

On the Sansa, go to Settings > System Settings > USB Mode > MTP, then plug in.

Let’s see how the Sansa is recognized.  If it’s the first time the Sansa is recognized in MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) mode, you’ll see a new “balloon” message at the taskbar announcing the MTP device.

With the Sansa connected, press the [Windows Key] + E to open an Explorer window.  If the Sansa is listed under other , at the bottom of the list, it’s seen as a media device.  Right click on the Sansa and select properties.  You should see a display of the Sansa’s battery status, the firmware version, and the serial number.

In this mode, try opening the Audible Manager, and look in the lower left corner of the client.  Does the Sansa list there?  If not, at the top of the screen, Help > Check for updates, then select the SanDisk Digital Players plugin.

Return to the lower left, and click on add device.  Your Sansa should show up in the list, ready for loading books.  Highlight your book file, then click on the Add To Device button.

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thanks to the Sansa guru…my problem is fixed…not sure how, but it is…Audible will still not recognize the player…a window keeps popping up  telling me Audible does not recognize the player and has me download the same thing over and over…whatever…but here is how I got the player to play what I wanted…I have to put the player in MSC mode for Windows to recognize it…I can then snyc the files to the Sansa…then I can find the Audible files under folders on the player…and for some reason they are now showing up in the Audiobooks “folder” as well…I did have to download the new firmware from the Sansa site…

Hope this helps someone else as well…and hope all this makes sense.